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RPS Distributors faces the future in a sparkling new outfit.

RPS Distributors has been active more than 25 years in the distribution of the wholesale tile industry in Florida and the Caribbean. The company has become in a short period of time, a strong reality on both national and international level through the consolidation of a commercial capillary net.

Thanks to the know-how gained over time, as well as to the continuous investments in new materials, colors, aesthetics and design through technologically advanced applications, the company is able to offer a wide range of products of stone porcelain and laminates products with a broad variety of application possibilities, in both public environments and residential settings, thus surpassing the traditional division between flooring and wall cladding, with a new concept of ceramics surfaces of high application potentials.



RPS Distributors is successfully established in the medium-high market segment and has become a point of reference on the ceramic tiles and laminates market, while dedicating special attention to the demands of the retailer and at the same time keeping up a continuous dialog with the world of architecture. Also proposing a technical-aesthetic synthesis that is capable to offer global design solutions for furnishing of high technological quality and image.

Special attention was dedicated to the marketing and in particular to all presentation tools of the different collections, paying particular care to the exposition of the client’s show room and special attention to detail. Other contributive factors included for the enhancement of the company multiple investments in the main publications of the sector, besides a constant presence at the most important trade shows in the State.


RPS Distributors succeeds in anticipating new trends in materials, technologies, colors, and design. And this responsiveness is the key to our new Collections : stunning ideas for unique living-space, individually shaped to fulfill the most original desires.


7395 West 20th Avenue  Hialeah, FL 33014 | Ph: (305) 822-0060 Fax: (786) 518-3894 Tf: 1-877-823-0060

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